Saxton community

“The school is fantastic, excellent staff and facilities, loads of events and fun activities that keep the children engaged. Our son loves it. Everyone is made to feel very welcome and has a great community feel to it. Would recommend to everyone.” (Parent)

When your child joins our school, you also become part of our community. Being part of a small, supportive village community offers a treasure trove of benefits that extend far beyond the quaint charm of such close-knit settings. In our community, you’re a valued member of a larger family.

One of the foremost advantages this brings is the sense of belonging and connectedness that permeates everyday life. In a small village, everyone knows your name, your story, and your aspirations. This fosters a profound feeling of security and trust that is often hard to find elsewhere. Other parents become friends, ready to lend a helping hand or a listening ear. Ultimately, being part of our small, supportive village community brings with it the immeasurable gift of authentic human connection, a treasure worth its weight in gold.

You only need to look at our alumni to see how important this is. Children who have left Saxton School equipped for the next stage in their educational journey have achieved great things.



Lewis Cook

Take Lewis Cook, for example. He played football whilst at Saxton and led our team to great success. He then went on to play professionally in the Premier League and represent his country at many different levels. He now plays for Bournmouth and is the first England captain since Bobby Moore to raise a World Cup trophy.

Click the link to the right to hear what he says about our school.


Joe Ball

Or, Joe Ball. He enjoyed studying history so much whilst at Saxton, he went on to specialise in it throughout his education. He went on to read history at Oxford University.