Our results & inspection

“I think I do very well because my teacher explains things very well.” (Pupil)

Elevating Our Journey: Results & Inspection Insights

At our school, we understand that our Ofsted inspection history may raise questions for some parents. We encourage you to look beyond the surface and explore our school firsthand, as we’re confident that you’ll discover a different perspective.

Our school has undergone a transformative journey. It faced a challenging inspection in 2018 and subsequently embarked on a rapid path to improvement. In 2022, it was deemed to “require improvement,” signifying the positive progress that had taken place. However, we knew that this wasn’t enough. Our journey of rapid enhancement has persisted, and we eagerly anticipate showcasing this at our next inspection.

You can access our complete Ofsted report here.

While we were disappointed that the report didn’t classify us as “good” in all areas, it’s important to note that it recognized our strengths in behaviour & attitudes, personal development, and leadership & management, awarding a “good” rating. During the inspection, we demonstrated that the quality of education was also “good.” Regrettably, the overall judgment was influenced by a “requires improvement” rating in the Early Years category. Rest assured, this does not imply that the rest of our educational provision falls short. We firmly believe in the quality of our education. Inspectors were required to connect the dots between judgments and highlight areas for further improvement, which we were already aware of and have been diligently addressing over the past year.

Since the report’s publication, we’ve undergone significant changes. Our new team of teachers consistently uphold high teaching standards. They adeptly utilise assessment data to inform their teaching and meticulously plan lessons to build knowledge sequentially. The results are evident in our impressive outcomes, with 100% of Year 6 students achieving at least the expected standard in every subject for the past two years, showcasing their effective learning. We’ve also addressed curriculum gaps for Early Years children, now benefiting from an Early Years specialist. Our approach to young children is built on strong principles and effective provision, fostering an environment where they flourish.

You can explore our published results here.

As a Church of England primary school, we also undergo additional external inspections, known as SIAMS. In our latest inspection in November 2022, inspectors judged us to be a “Good” school, a testament to our achievements. This report reflects our close-knit ‘family’ community, which is of paramount importance to us.

Read our SIAMS report here.

We never rest on our laurels. Our determination to gain recognition for the strides we’ve made and for the success of our students remains unwavering. We are confident that our next inspection will reflect our continued progress. But don’t just take our word for it – we invite you to experience our school first hand or speak to one of our current families. Witness the journey of growth and excellence at our school yourself.