Food for young minds

Delicious and Nutrient-Rich School Meals at Saxton Primary

At Saxton Primary, we believe that great meals are a vital ingredient in the recipe for a successful and energised school day. That’s why, as part of The STAR Multi-Academy Trust, our school meals are provided by the fabulous STAR EATS team. We take pride in crafting a dining experience that goes beyond just refuelling young minds; it’s about providing a culinary adventure that nurtures both body and mind.

Our in-house catering approach means we have the freedom to create menus that not only meet high nutritional standards but also cater to the diverse tastes of our young connoisseurs. We involve parents in the exciting journey of menu development, ensuring that our meals are not only healthy but also genuinely appealing to our discerning audience.

Beyond the plate, we seamlessly integrate food education and cooking into our curriculum, fostering a deeper understanding of nutrition and culinary skills among our students. This hands-on approach not only enhances their dining experience but also equips them with valuable life skills.

We take pride in our commitment to inclusivity. Our menu considers a spectrum of food allergens and dietary requirements, ensuring that every child can enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal that suits their individual needs. At Saxton Primary, our school meals are more than just sustenance; they are a flavourful journey that adds joy to the school day.

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You can find out more about STAR EATS HERE

If your child has a packed lunch, you can find guidance about creating a healthy lunch here: Packed Lunch Guidance

Free School Meals

Free school meals are available to children whose parents are in receipt of one or more of the following benefits:

  1. income support
  2. income-based job seeker’s allowance
  3. income-related employment and support allowance
  4. child tax credit with an income of less than £16,190 and notin receipt of working tax credit
  5. support under part VI of the immigration and asylum act 1999
  6. guarantee element of state pension credit.

Where parents are entitled to working tax credit during a four week “run on” period immediately after their employment has ceased, or after they have started to work less than 16 hours per week, their children are entitled to free school meals.

Children who receive income support or income based jobseeker’s allowance in their own right are also entitled to free school meals.

Should you meet the above criteria, you can apply by using the application form in the useful downloads section.

Applications are usually processed the same day. If your child is entitled to free school meals you will receive a letter confirming the date when the meals will start. The school is also notified that your child is entitled to free school meals. In the meantime, you should continue to pay for free school meals until confirmation comes through. Schools may be able to arrange a reimbursement of any monies paid whilst your entitlement is being confirmed.

If you are not entitled to free school meals you will be notified in writing.

Further Information provided by North Yorkshire Council

Information about Free School meals