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Welcome to Saxton Church of England Primary School


‘A hidden gem’ – this is how one of our parents described Saxton School.

We may be hidden behind the church in the village of Saxton, but we ensure that we successfully educate and develop children to reach very high standards. As a small school, we offer small class sizes which means our children thrive academically and socially.

Choosing the right school for your child is a very important and sometimes difficult decision. We take our responsibilities very seriously and make sure that all our pupils thrive. Every child is known individually and we foster caring and nurturing relationships so that our school has a ‘family’ feel. Parents say that they don’t just join a school but their family becomes a part of a welcoming community.

We are very proud of all our children and what they achieve. Uncover this hidden gem for yourself by booking a time to look around and seeing what we offer – we would be delighted to show it to you.

Rick Weights
Executive Headteacher