What our pupils and parents have to say

“Saxton school warms my heart, my child loves the school, the attention, the tailored learning, the warmness and everything about it. She loves how important, safe and truly wanted she is there. Couldn’t think of anywhere better for us all.” (Parent)

Discover the Heart of Our Community

Joining our school isn’t just about enrolling your child; it’s about becoming an integral part of our vibrant community. We take immense pride in our role within the village and the broader area, and every member of our school family holds a special place in our hearts.

We’re not just about talking; we’re about listening. We value the input of our families, and whenever possible, we take action based on their valuable feedback.

But what truly sets us apart is the unwavering affection our parents have for Saxton. Don’t just take our word for it; listen to their voices:

“I chose this school because I want my child to be seen, not just as a number.”

“Our two children are thriving at Saxton Primary School. As it’s a small school, the pupils form friendships across the age & gender groups, and so there is a lovely sense of community which leaves our children feeling safe and happy. Although it’s small, the kids have access to lots of opportunities such as theatre trips, inter-school sports tournaments, guest speakers and residential stays. We chose it as we wanted small class sizes and a school where teachers had the opportunity to know their pupils as people and nurture their development.”

Our children also support these views. They said to us:

“I think it is very easy to get help from an adult because if you need help the always come very quick and help me very good!”

“I have lots of friends so I am not that lonely. My friends cheer me up” 

 “I am very happy every day at school. I love this school.”

“I feel very very safe.”

“I find it quite easy to go to school because I have lots of
friends and I enjoy learning.”

Our school is a place where your child will be recognised, valued, and nurtured. Join our community, where every child is cherished, and their unique needs are paramount.