Empowering Mathematical Minds at Saxton

At Saxton, our mission transcends the conventional teaching of isolated facts and techniques in mathematics. We view mathematics as a powerful language that equips our students with the tools to decipher the world around them. Our approach encourages the growth of reasoning skills, enabling students to apply mathematical concepts to real-life challenges and intriguing problems. We aim to cultivate mental fluency in mathematical skills, fostering confidence in their everyday use.

To achieve these objectives, we employ a diverse range of teaching techniques and resources. From Early Years through Year 6, we utilize the White Rose Maths Hub schemes of learning to craft mixed-age medium-term planning documents. These schemes offer comprehensive guidance on mathematics objectives, emphasizing fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving – key tenets of the National Curriculum. Anchored in a mastery approach, they prioritize a deep understanding of numbers.

Our commitment to mathematical proficiency extends beyond the classroom. Each pupil enjoys home access to engaging online resources through platforms like ‘Times Tables Rockstars’ and ‘MyMaths.’ These resources not only supplement classroom learning but also facilitate regular homework assignments that reinforce mathematical skills. Undoubtedly, these initiatives have left a positive imprint on our pupils’ learning journey, elevating their enthusiasm and enjoyment of mathematics to new heights. At Saxton, we equip young minds to navigate the complexities of our world through the language of mathematics.