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Our curriculum

Saxton Curriculum 

Curriculum overview

At Saxton C of E Primary School, we offer a broad curriculum which:

  • promotes the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical development of our pupils;
  • prepares all pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life;
  • ensures that all our children are fluent, confident readers with the skills to access a broad curriculum.

The school curriculum comprises all learning and other experiences planned for our pupils. We follow the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage Framework in EYFS. In addition, we tailor our planning to take into account key experiences that we believe our children should have, and that help them to understand key British values that prepare them fully for life in modern Britain.

Curriculum Policy

SMSC Policy

Key Stage 1

To see the current theme overview of what is being taught in KS1 please click here: KS1 Summer Theme Planning Overview

In the Early Years and KS1 we teach phonics and early reading through the “Sounds Write” programme. We have supplemented this with resources from other published schemes in order to ensure that each child has a dedicated daily session that builds phonic understanding systematically. We know that this brings good results and provides children with the essential building blocks needed to become confident readers.

You can find out how your child will learn to read here: How will my child learn to read
And how you can help them at home: 10 Tips on Hearing Your Child Read

You can read about how you can support with maths learning here: Parents guide for maths

Key Stage 2

To see the current theme overview of what is being taught in Years 3 & 4 please click here: Y3&4 Topic Web Summer 2021

To see the current theme overview of what is being taught in Year 5 & 6 please click here: Y5&6 Summer Theme Planning Overview

You can read about how we teach reading here: Reading booklet
There are ideas to support reading at home here: parents-little-guide

You can find out how we teach maths calculations here: MATHS CALCULATION BOOKLET
This is our guide to maths learning: Parents guide for maths

Curriculum content

Our curriculum is organised using a 2-year rolling programme. This means that children in mixed-aged classes continually learn new content at an age-appropriate level without duplication. It also helps staff to share expertise and knowledge when planning collaboratively. You can see how our curriculum is organised here: FINAL 2 year rolling programme

The following links identify the essential body of knowledge and skills that children will learn during each year in our school. The right-hand column of each subject is the minimum expectation that we have established across the multi-academy trust, and this will be delivered across all our schools so that our children have the same entitlement. The left-hand column indicates the ways that we will deliver this learning in school.

Teachers use these documents to design plans that will connect learning in meaningful ways for children. You can find these on another page under the ‘Curriculum’ menu.

Please click on a subject to see what we will teach:

Art and Design content and progression

Computing_ICT content and progression

DT content and progression

Geography content and progression

History content and progression

Maths content and progression framework

MFL content and progression

Music content and progression

PE subject content and progression

PSHCE content and progression

RE content and progression

Science content and progression


Writing Whole-School Coverage and Progression

Follow this link to the Department of Education website.

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